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Fingerprint Services

Colorado Springs Police Department

Fingerprint Services

Hours of Operation:

Fingerprint Services are available for persons who need fingerprints for background checks, job applications, applications for child care, liquor licenses, massage licenses, school jobs, teaching, etc. during the following times:

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Persons who are required to be fingerprinted for sex offender registration may be fingerprinted during the following times:

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

NOTE: Parents bringing a returned runaway to the Police Department for fingerprints/photos, or have been requested to have your child fingerprinted by a CSPD Officer may come to the Police Operations Center at any time (24/7) for fingerprinting.

Notice -- INS/USCIS Fingerprints:
Effective October 1, 2004, the only facility where you can get your fingerprints taken in Colorado is at the Aurora facility. Here is the link to their web site with driving instructions, operating hours, etc. Colorado USCIS Fingerprint Information

What you need to bring to get fingerprinted:

Bring a photo I.D. and your fingerprint card.

CSPD can provide a fingerprint card ONLY in the following instances:

  • For applicants seeking a liquor license through the Colorado Springs City Clerk’s Office, or
  • For individuals who are fingerprinted as part of a registration process with the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD), or have been requested by the CSPD to be fingerprinted for a police purpose.

All other fingerprint applicants will need to bring with them a fingerprint card and provide it to the fingerprint personnel for use in printing you.

For the following reasons, CSPD cannot provide fingerprint cards to you, nor can our employees suggest specific businesses where you can obtain a card:

Fingerprint cards are pre-printed with a specific set of numbers, called ORI numbers. These specific ORI numbers are necessary for the correct processing of your background check. Your print cards need to be filled out with specific information (such as the reason for being fingerprinted) which only the person who wants you to be fingerprinted would know. The wrong fingerprint card or the wrong information completed on the fingerprint card will seriously delay your background check. Only the person who wants you to be fingerprinted can tell you which fingerprint card you need to use and how many print cards are needed.

If you have been told that you need to be fingerprinted by an agency or company for a job or license or background clearance, etc. the person who wants you to be fingerprinted will need to provide a fingerprint card for you or direct you to a location to obtain one. If the person requesting your fingerprints does not have a card and does not know which card to use, please ask them to contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) in Denver at 303-239-4300 for assistance.

Employees of the Colorado Springs Police Department do not know which fingerprint card you may need or how many cards you need, and because of this, we cannot provide fingerprint cards for your use.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Fingerprint Location:
Bring your fingerprint card(s) to 705 S. Nevada Ave. during our scheduled fingerprinting time. There is a fingerprint clipboard located on the left side of the counter. Sign your name on the fingerprint sign-up sheet and please be seated. As soon as it is your turn to be fingerprinted, our employee who is fingerprinting will call your name.

Fingerprint Fee: $15.00 per card
The CSPD accepts cash, check or money order for fingerprinting fees. We provide a receipt for the fees collected. Save this receipt. If the fingerprints we provide are not acceptable and you need to be fingerprinted again--we do not charge for re-prints if you produce the receipt indicating you were printed previously by a member of our department.

Persons applying for a Liquor license through the Colorado Springs City Clerk's Office have paid their fingerprinting fees to the City Clerk. No fee will be charged at CSPD for fingerprinting Liquor Applicants.

Fingerprint Appointments:
All of our fingerprinting is done on a first-come-first-serve basis. We apologize, but we are NOT able to make appointments for fingerprinting.

Time Required to be Fingerprinted:
The time it takes to be fingerprinted depends on the reason you need to be fingerprinted and how many cards you need. We fingerprint individuals for job applications, security clearances, as well as individuals who are required by state law to be printed for registration purposes. Job Applicants: The usual time it takes us to fingerprint for job applications is approximately 5-10 minutes.

Registration Purposes/Officer Escorted Fingerprints: It takes more time for us to process individuals who are being printed for criminal reasons or registration purposes, as we need to gather information from these individuals, there are many computer queries involved, and photos are often required in addition to fingerprints. Processing individuals for reasons other than a job could take us between 15-30 minutes per person.

Estimated Fingerprint Waiting Times:
There are several factors that will effect the time it takes for you to be fingerprinted:

Increase in Number of People Requiring Fingerprints: More and more jobs require fingerprints to conduct a background search. We fingerprint on the average of 50 individuals each day. Our lobby is usually full of individuals who require fingerprints during our hours of operation.

Officer-Escorted Fingerprinting: CSPD Officers frequently bring individuals to the Police Operations Center who require fingerprints/photos. As these officers must complete this task as quickly as possible and return to their duties on the street, all Officer-Escorted individuals requiring fingerprints will be processed immediately, even though other people are signed up to be fingerprinted. As we have no way of determining in advance when officers will bring individuals in for fingerprinting, or how many people will be brought in at any given time, it is impossible for us to provide an estimate the impact Officer-Escorted fingerprinting will have on you.

If there are 5 people signed up on the list when you arrive, and these individuals have indicated they are to be printed for a job, you can expect to wait at least 5-10 minutes for each individual signed up--about 25-50 minutes.

Individuals fingerprinted for reasons other than a job may take 15-30 minutes per person. We fingerprint as quickly as possible, but we need to capture appropriate information on all individuals to ensure records are correct. We are also careful to get the best quality fingerprints possible.

As a result of statistics gathered during 2008, the average wait time to be fingerprinted was 32 minutes. However, the longest wait time during the year was 4 hours and 55 minutes. These times varied drastically because of the number of fingerprint personnel we had available to fingerprint, as well as how many Officer-Escorted people were printed, etc.

We apologize for delays you may experience in obtaining fingerprints at CSPD. We assure you every effort is being made to schedule fingerprint personnel as efficiently as possible in an effort to minimize your waiting time.

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